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About Me, Lily!


It's me, Lily! I'm a Brooklyn-based writer and  performer with absolutely zero flaws.

I most recently wrote for the 2023 White House Correspondents’ Dinner hosted by Roy Wood Jr. I am currently working at The Daily Show, where I'm featured as a sketch player.


Before that, I was a copywriter at Peacock, where I accidentally went viral for sneaking my great grandmother's chocolate cake recipe into the Terms of Service document. I believe that's the future she dreamt for me when she came to America.

Speaking of embarrassing my family, I perform improv every other Friday with The Armory's House Improv Teams. I also perform monthly sketch shows and solo character shows all over glorious NYC. Details are on my "Shows" page.

I've been featured on Points in Case, Chicago Sketchfest, NYC Sketchfest, and in 2009 I was Millburn Middle School's Peer Leader of the Year. And THAT'S a brag.

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